SSCSU Open Meeting

Friday 16th January, 2015

The first SSCSU open meeting of Lent term will be held in the bar on Thursday 22nd January at 9:00 pm.

1. Hustings for the role of President will now take place on *Thursday 22nd* to maximise your opportunity to apply, and for everyone to get involved in voting! Please, applicants, have your nomination in to me by this Saturday.

2. Also, we will be husting for the position of Assistant Bar Manager. This role is really important to keep the bar student run. You will help the Finance Manager by checking the takings a couple of times a week and generally assisting them. You also get to sit on Bar Committee twice a term and deputise for the Finance Manager if necessary. For any questions, just email the bar team (

3. The open meeting on *Thursday* (9pm in the JCR bar) will also be an opportunity to vote on motions! As usual, if you’d like to submit a motion just email it to me, using the template attached. There’s also an example motion there to give an idea of how they are supposed to look. If you need help just let me know (sreh2). :)

Hope to see you all there!(Free food and great discussion will of course be on offer)


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