Big Audition Weekend, Selwyn & Magdalene Auditions

Friday 16th January, 2015

Interesting in performing at May Balls this June? Audition in front of up to 9 May Balls or June Events at this years Big Audition Weekend!

The Big Audition Weekend is run by the May Ball Presidents’ Committee and will take place on the 24th/25th January at Selwyn College Diamond.

The weekend gives performers the opportunity to audition in front of up to 9 May balls and June events including;

Emmanuel May Ball 2015

Downing College May Ball 2015

Clare May Ball 2015

Selwyn May Ball 2015

Trinity Hall June Event 2015

Pembroke May Ball 2015

Darwin May Ball 2015

Homerton May Ball 2015

Robinson May Ball 2015

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. There is a charge of £5 per act to cover costs.

Signups can be made via the May Ball Presidents’ Committee website;

http ://www . mayballpresidents . com/big-audition-weekend/

Or find us on Facebook – https://www . facebook . com/events/1672490222977928/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_joined

Nicky Collins

Selwyn May Ball Auditions:

The Selwyn May Ball auditions are coming up this term. Link to the facebook event is below: https://www . facebook . com/events/790033204366122/?fref=ts and sign up form for audition slots is here: http ://tinyurl . com/selwynball

The auditions are being held on the 31st Jan/1st Feb in Selwyn. We’re looking for all kinds of musicians and entertainers with any level of experience. Any questions please get into contact with

Magdalene May Ball Auditions:

The Magdalene May Ball Committee would like to announce that Auditions to perform at the 2015 May Ball will be held on the weekend of 24th/25th of January and Sunday 1st of February. Auditions will take place in Magdalene’s College Cripps Court Auditorium (1-3 Chesterton Road Cambridge CB4 3AD).

We welcome all musical and non-musical entertainment acts. We are particularly interested in small-scale classical acts, acoustic sets, Barbour-shop groups, jazz, big bands, DJs, comedians and entertainers.

If you are interested in performing, please book an audition slot by filling the form in this link: http ://goo . gl/forms/5U715sdz4e [1]

If you can’t make any of the above slots, please contact us ( or and we will try to figure out some other time, if possible.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you talented people!


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