New website welfare feature!

Friday 16th January, 2015

The SSCSU website now hosts an anonymous messaging system to increase the ease with which students can contact the student welfare team. As the name suggests, no sign-in is required so all messages are anonymous, the student being able to return to the conversation by pasting in their randomly generated conversation ‘code’.

You can find the system by clicking on the ‘welfare’ tab in the top right hand corner of this page and selecting ‘anonymous message’ from the list on the left. The officers able to answer messages are the male and female social welfare officers, the academic welfare officer, the LGBT+ officer, the women’s officer, the disabled students’ officer and the BME officer.

While any of the above officers can answer the message, once the conversation begins it is kept private between correspondents. If you have any questions feel free to email an officer via the committee page or use the new anonymous message system!

Remember: No problem is too big or too small; if its bothering you then we want to hear about it. Questions, problems or just a vent about life are all welcome 🙂

Welfare love xxx


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