Student Life
A Day in the Life of a Science Student!

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Trina, 2nd Year, Natural Sciences (NatSci)

Every day starts with a few lectures in the morning, beginning at 9 or 10am. Lectures are held in the various departments of the subjects that you are taking, and handouts with detailed notes are usually provided (one of the perks of being a scientist!) Unfortunately, being a scientist also means that you have to go to Saturday morning lectures, unlike your friends from other subjects. However, the promise of Saturday brunch is enough to motivate you through the Saturday lectures!

After lectures, there are often practical classes to go to, which can be from 3 to 6 hours long. Practicals involve doing lab work related to the theoretical material covered in the lectures that week.  On days with these labs, you tend to carry a packed lunch to eat in the lab lunch break, which is often an hour. Otherwise you can go out and grab a bite to eat from the various cafés around. On days without labs, I usually go back to college for lunch, where I’ll cook a light meal or (on lazier days) buy something ready-made from Sainsbury’s, which is just opposite college.

In the afternoons, I usually prepare for my supervisions, which occur mainly in the early evenings. In supervisions, we discuss the lecture material from the previous week and learn extra material beyond the course, as well as being able to ask any questions we may have on topics. Each supervisor sets weekly work that usually takes between 3-4 hours each, and we can have supervisions 3 or 4 times a week.

For dinner, I usually go to hall in college with my friends, where we can buy a range of hot or cold meals at reasonable prices. It’s a nice time to socialise and relax. After hall, most people spend the evenings doing extracurricular activities (for example, I sing in Sidney Singers), or in their rooms or the library doing supervision work and reading over lecture notes to consolidate what they’ve learnt. Often we are all tired of working by around 9pm, at which point we socialise, for example, in the JCR or the college bar!