Sidney Sussex Welfare

Student welfare is a top priority for SSCSU, and there are dedicated welfare officers who strive to ensure that students get the most out of their time at Sidney. The welfare officers and their respective roles are listed below, along with photos so you know who to look out for.

Your welfare officers are not only friendly and confidential listeners but also good sources of information for other forms of support; whether its financial worries or sexual health concerns, welfare officers will strive to find the help that is best for you.

A link to useful resources for being a student at Cambridge can be found here: http://www.sscsu.org.uk/useful-resources-for-being-a-student-at-cambridge/

College Staff

Jenny Taylor Jenny Taylor

Jenny is the college nurse. Her surgeries are held Monday to Friday in the Health Centre, which is located on P staircase (opposite the entrance to the library). No appointments are necessary.

“I have experience in a wide range of medical and psychological conditions and can offer advice and support during your time at Cambridge. You are encouraged to visit me if you feel unwell or sustain an injury or have a problem which you wish to discuss.”

Tel. +44 1223 3 38826

brett Brett Gray

Brett is the college Chaplain, and is available to all graduates and undergraduates to talk over any concerns. His Rooms are in Y1, at the top of the wide external staircase behind the Mong Hall, and you may pop in when passing or make an appointment by email or phone, ext 38837.

Tel. +44 1223 338 837

You can find out more about Jenny and Brett by visiting the pastoral care page on the Sidney Sussex website.

Welfare Officers

Ana Maria Lopez-Ruiz and Ben Karsberg
Social Welfare Officers

We’re both here to lend an impartial and confidential ear to any problems you may have.  We also organise events to keep students relaxed which have in the past included bouncy castles, chocolate fountains and salsa lessons.  Additionally we can also confidentially provide free condoms, pregnancy tests, dental dams and lube if you send us a text on the welfare phone (07437922574) or send us an email.


Sam Watling
Disabled Students Officer

I am here to represent all disabled students at Sidney and to provide a non-judgmental ear to those wanting to talk about problems relating to their impairments


  Helena Fox
LGBTQ Officer

I have two roles around college; as a part of the welfare committee and as a CUSU liaison.
I provide a confidential ear for anyone in college with welfare problems, not just those with issues related to sexuality.


Rosie Pennycook
Academic Welfare Officer

My job is to provide support and advice on any academic problems you may have.  I’m also here to represent your views on academic issues to the Library and Education Committees – if you want your views represented, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Jenny Raw
Women and Non-Binary Officer

My job is to represent and campaign for Sidney women within college, the University and beyond! I sit on welfare committee too so you can come talk to me about any worries or problems in complete confidence. Look out for the women’s nights I’ll be running throughout term and come along for free food and a movie.