Useful Resources for being a student at Cambridge

Resources for being a Student at Cambridge

Always relevant:

The CUSU Welfare Guide:

List of useful Facebook pages:

50 examples of random acts of kindness for any Cambridge student:

Event planning:

Access Friendly Checklist/Event Planning:

How to run a Worthwhile May Ball:

Study help:

Signposts sources of support, lists study tips, has some useful playlists and other fun stuff too:

Email templates to help ask for greater flexibility from supervisors:

Standards to expect from your supervisors:

What to use if they’re not meeting those standards:  (take it to the head of your department!)

Exam related:

A helpful leaflet about preparing for exams:

Guidance about the rights of Cambridge students’:

Physical and mental wellbeing:

Prescription Collection/Delivery Information:

Tips when visiting the GP:

Looking after your mental health:

Free sexual health supplies and pregnancy tests are available from

Free chlamydia test kits can be ordered online at

HPV screening available at Boots – more information available here:

Information about all Sexual Health Services in Cambridge:

The University Counselling Service can be found here:

The Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre can be found here:

Where to get more advice?

Speak to your JCR Officers:

Speak to the Student Advice Service:

Speak to a member of the Pastoral team in Sidney: